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Argon-arc welding and its application in various industries.
Argon-arc welding and its application in various industries.

Argon-arc welding is today - one of the most accessible of modern methods of welding, which allows to weld most steels and alloys, and is used:

1-For the installation process piping at the facilities of food and chemical industries. Argon welding method provides a high quality weld connections, with different wall thicknesses of welded pipes.

2 - For the manufacture of tanks.

 GOST 2.780-96 ESKD. Graphical symbols. Air conditioners work environment, capacity, hydraulic and pneumatic.

For the manufacture of small vessels, which require a high quality weld connections and the relatively small length of the welded parts. Tanks can be executed - from the low-carbon, stainless steels, aluminum and titanium have different configurations and form - are equipped with mixing devices and systems for washing or heating - cooling.

Making the capacitor equipment - requires accurate calculations of the load, since the use of known large wall thicknesses - economically impractical.

Reservoirs made of stainless steel is used in many fields of industry and national economy tanks for corrosive environments, fuel tanks, stainless steel water tanks, tanks for the chemical industry, tanks and vessels for the pharmaceutical industry, containers with the wrong configuration for limited spaces for the dairy industry - storage of dairy products, etc.

The choice of vessel used for the manufacture of the material, its use is conditioned by the environment: from mild steel, stainless steel food (03h19n10) to titanium and aluminum.
Argon-arc welding technology
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The use of argon-arc welding for installation of process piping
Argon-arc welding and its application in various industries.
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