Manuelle, halbautomatische und Orbitalschwei├čen in Schutzgase
Translation standards
Types of welding used in our work:

Arc welding in protective gases WIG-TIG Wolfram Inert Gas - Tungsten Inert Gas

Manual arc welding with coated electrode --- MMA Metal Manual Arc

Semi-automatic welding in protective gases ------ MIG-MAG Metal Inert Gas - Metal Active Gas

Translation of international analogues most commonly used stainless steels:

Russian Standard American AISI European DIN


03H18N11 304L 1.4306

08H18N10 304 1.4301

08X20H11 308 1.4331

03H17N13M2 316L 1.4404

08H17N13M2 316 1.4436

08H17N13M2T 316Ti 1.4571

12H19N10T 321 1.4541

03H19N13M3 317L 1.4438

12X17 430 1.4016
Argon-arc welding technology
Translation standards
Argon arc svarka.Chto this?
The use of argon-arc welding for installation of process piping
Argon-arc welding and its application in various industries.
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